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"Hill's Sweethearts Three"

The Jewish Advocate's Wedding Guide 2000
(January 28-February 4, 2000)

Please note: we are now located in Sharon, Mass.

Flowers and photos and food, oh my! Planning a wedding can be scary, with so many vendors to investigate, endless details to remember and lots of pressure to perfect that special weekend. One detail that a smart wedding planner keeps in mind today is how to incorporate candy into their weekend of festivities. Everybody loves chocolate and there are many ways chocolate can enhance your wedding.

A hotel hospitality bag is the perfect way to welcome guests who have traveled from far away and thank them for sharing this occasion with you. They're also a great vehicle for communicating details about the weekend's events and for providing some snacks so your guests don't go broke raiding the hotel mini-bar.

Bottled water, mixed nuts, handmade chocolates and mint lentils are some popular items to include in the bag. The best news is that you don't have to do any of the work: a specialty candy shop will assemble the bags and the hotel will distribute them to your guests.

Not only should chocolates be in your guests' hotel room, they should also be on each table at the wedding reception. People expect to see flowers on the table but they don't expect to see chocolates. Beautiful, handmade chocolates can transform a pretty table into an elegant one. You might think chocolates are unnecessary and will detract from your dessert. Think again. There's never a bad time to eat chocolate. Dipped cashews and glazed fruits, mints, truffles...there are many varieties of chocolates to serve. There are also different presentation methods, from simply displaying the chocolates on a dish to putting them in a chocolate container. Your approach depends on your taste and your budget. Whatever you do, be sure to have enough for everyone at the table and a little extra for the chocoholics.

Finally, chocolates are the perfect party favor, a little something to remind your guests of your big night (that is if they don't eat them on the way home). Small boxes of truffles, chocolate "long-stem" roses, and candy-covered almonds (almonds represent good luck for Sephardic Jews and Greeks) have been well received. Remember that it's just a token of your appreciation for your guests" attendance so the favor doesn't have to be elaborate.

Sweethearts Three in Chestnut Hill (and Sharon) can help you incorporate candy into your festivities, something we've specialized in since 1981. We will work closely with you to select the appropriate chocolates for your weekend, offering a wide array of options to fit any budget. Our chocolate is 100% kosher and available in either pareve or dairy. Our shop is licensed by the Kashruth Commission of the Associated Synagogues of Massachusetts and is supervised by the Vaad Harabonim of Massachusetts.

Let us sweeten your wedding weekend. Call us at (781) 784-5193 or stop by Sweethearts Three in Sharon, Mass.

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