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Hanukah Chocolates includes chocolate dreidels, menorahs and gold coins with truffles chocolate covered fruits and nuts and fruit cremes
Hanukah Chocolate Assortment

Christmas Chocolates with candy cane crunch, chocolate snowmen and Santas and presents with chocolate truffles, caramels and more
Christmas Chocolate Assortment

Edible Chocolate Basket for Hanukah
Hanukah Basket

Christmas Tower Chocolate Assortment
Christmas Tower

Custom Tower for hanukah
Custom Tower for Hanukah

Christmas Tree Bowl is Solid Chocolate filled with handmade assorted chocolates
Chocolate Christmas Tree Bowl

Mint truffles, candy cane crunch, and peppermint patties
Mint Lover's Delight

Chocolate dipped pretzels, oreas and graham crackers
Snacker's Heaven

Gifts for Every Occasion

Hanukah Chocolate Assortment - $36 or $72
A one or two pound box of Sweethearts Three handmade chocolates - enough candy to get your friends and family through all eight days of Hanukah. Chocolate dreidels, menorahs and gold coins are at home among decadent truffles, succulent dipped fruits, chocolate cashews and creamy fruit crèmes. Colorful Hanukah wrapping paper and a big bow make the outside look almost as good as the inside.

Christmas Chocolate Assortment - $36 or $72
A one or two pound box of Sweethearts Three handmade chocolates will indulge your special someone this holiday season. We incorporate some of our Christmas specialties, such as candy cane crunch, chocolate snowmen and Santas and colorful chocolate "presents", into our assortment of decadent truffles, chewy caramels, chocolate cashews and creamy fruit crèmes. Colorful Christmas wrapping paper and a big bow make a beautiful presentation.

Edible Chocolate Baskets - From $27
No matter the holiday, we customize our hand-molded edible baskets accordingly. Chocolate turkeys and cranberry-orange bark rest atop the Thanksgiving basket; red and green foil-wrapped truffles, chocolate Santas and edible "presents" fill the Christmas baskets; and bite-size chocolate dreidels, menorahs and gold coins decorate the Chanukah baskets. In every case, the basket overflows with our assorted chocolates and is placed in a box and wrapped with holiday paper and a coordinating bow. Check out our Edible Chocolate Baskets for more details.

Custom Chocolate Tower - From $50
Great for sharing with friends and family, the chocolate tower includes three or more boxes of Sweethearts Three chocolates. Each box is individually wrapped with designer gift-wrap and tied together with an elegant bow. Depending on your budget, we'll customize your tower with any of the following:

  • Jumbo Cashews - Hand-dipped in milk, dark and white chocolate
  • Glazed Fruit - Apricots, pineapple, prunes, orange slices and orange peel half-dipped in Belgium bittersweet chocolate
  • Assorted Chocolates - A selection of handmade fruit crèmes, caramels, truffles, assorted chocolate bark and more
  • Mint Lover's Delight - Mint truffles, candy cane crunch, and peppermint patties
  • Coffee Lover's Fix - Coffee and cappuccino truffles, mocha beans and coffee-infused bittersweet chocolate squares
  • Snacker's Heaven - Pretzels, Oreos and graham crackers smothered in milk, dark and white chocolate, each with a decorative chocolate drizzle or colorful sprinkle accents
  • Chocolate Bridge Mix - Chocolate covered raisins, nuts, cordials, mocha beans and more

Christmas Tree Bowl - $155
A spectacular holiday centerpiece, this unique "bowl" was designed by connecting seven solid chocolate Christmas trees to an edible chocolate base. We fill the center with almost two pounds of our handmade assorted chocolates, including dipped cashews and fruits, caramel squares, truffles, bark, turtles and Christmas-themed chocolates. Note: this item cannot be shipped due to it's fragile construction.

Show your affection for friends or family-indulge them repeatedly with a candy-of-the month holiday gift. Most importantly, let Sweethearts Three handle it for you all year long.

  • Six Month Chocolatier's Special - $216 plus shipping. A one pound box of assorted handmade chocolates sent every other month for one year. The Chocolatier's Special includes only the freshest chocolates, so the assortment will vary each month.
  • Quarterly Chocolate Baskets - $244 plus shippipng. Our medium-size edible chocolate basket will be sent four times during the year. You pick the occasions and we'll customize the basket accordingly (e.g. Chanukah, Passover, Birthday and Thanksgiving).
  • Fruit and Nut Lovers Delight - $432 plus shipping. A one pound box of succulent glazed fruits dipped in bittersweet Belgium chocolate and our jumbo roasted cashews dipped in bittersweet, milk and white chocolate sent each month for one year. See the Hand-dipped fruits and Hand-dipped Nuts pages for more details.

Please note that prices do not include shipping and are subject to change at any time. Please contact us for the exact cost of your order.

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